End of the 2019 Year.

2019 has been an interesting year, with both positive and negative events.
I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. (This is a very painful disease)
I started up a Taxi company prior to diagnosis, and it’s now just starting to see success.¬† Had a falling out with the owner of another cab company. I was his manager in houghton hancock area.¬† until I realize that He was a real leech, and a complete loser. Not one iota of thanks from him, especially after I sank thousands of dollars through out the year, into helping him stay in business. Instead he just tries over and over to put me out of business with lies, and drama with customers, and constantly¬† calls the cops on me. The cops now just ignore me. They see the drama and have said they would rather the others go out of business. My style of business is what people want in the area.

Finally went home to see family after 8 years. It wasn’t quite that bad, at least not as I imagined it would have been. It turned out to be a really good thanksgiving. Suprised the youngest brother didn’t turn into a drunken jackass. Was actually fun.

I’ve been dealing with some pretty fucked up depression as of late. Especially with the dystrophy slowly killing me. Every morning I wake up from nightmares, and suicidal thoughts. But I always find a way to make it through the day.

I’ve decided that I would give myself 6 projects to complete before I kick the bucket. I wont allow myself to do anything stupid until the projects are done.
1. Make 12 3’x3′ stained glass windows
2. Make 2 9×9 center stained glass windows
(for two mosaic stained glass windows of mother nature, bees, flowers, and sunlight)
3. Finish the second book, a follow up to Minnesota Winters, called 10,000 tears.
4. Make 100 unique Clay pots or sculptures
5. Paint two 10’x8′ paintings (one surrealistic, one classical realism)
6. Ask Mel to move in with me.

At least with goals in play, less likely to ponder on the stupid.

Well anyways.. It’sbeen a long stormy day today in Houghton. Snow is deeep, and I am exhausted.
Will pick this up another day.

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