Minnesota Winters: XI(raw)

Chapter XI
The Dark Seedling

At the funeral, everyone of Dani’s family members were present, as well as JB’s. When Dani was lowered into the ground, Alex picked a handful of dirt and dropped it on her coffin. JB snapped, a lapse of reason, pure rage and anger sparked like a volcano. Running full speed at Alex, picks him up in the air like a typical football player, slamming him into a tombstone. “You raped your sister!” First punch lands on Alex’s nose. “ You don’t belong here!” Next punch landed on his cheek “This is an insult to her!” with every statement JB pummels him in the face.

Crying and raging JB grabbing Alex by the collar of his shirt, whipping around half circle like a rag doll throws the half unconscious Alex into another tombstone, jumping into the air and landing on Alex’s leg snapping it instantly from the force of his weight and intention. JB slams his elbow into Alex’s shoulder, shattering his collarbone and dislocated the shoulder joint. With pure rage and intent “I’m going to kill you!”

At that moment Dirk, Stanley, and Phillip pull JB off of Alex, while he is screaming with pure rage “You incestual fuck! I’m going to end your very existence!” Phillip stands in front of JB “That’s MY SON!” JB composes himself long enough “You stupid ignorant fuck, be glad I don’t kick your ass for abandoning her when she told you what happened.” Phillip breaks down “I didn’t believe it.” JB lunges at Alex again and lands on his stomach with his knee and buries his hand into his teeth. When JB pulls his hand away from the unconscious bloody mass of flesh and bone he notices a perfect half moon shape circle of teeth lodged in his right hand knuckles.

Angela, Dani’s mother is screaming in sheer terror, JB walks up to her, “She’s dead because of you three!” Angela looks at JB with tear filled eyes and mixed emotions “Your son raped my wife! She tried to tell you what happened! You ostracized her! And she killed herself while I was at work! Know this… For the rest of my life, if any of you come into view, I will kill you!” Rose tries to choke out in a loud voice “ENOUGH!” JB startled by his mother’s voice. Looks at everyone, coming to his senses, he walks up to Dirk, “give me your keys!” Dirk didn’t argue, hands JB the keys. As they all watch him walk away to the car, get in and burn out of the cemetery spraying dirt everywhere, and knocking a few headstones over.

Stanley and Phillip look at one another, and instinctively run to Stanley’s truck together. Jumping in and taking up chase after JB. Stanley looks at Phil “I know where he is going!” Phillip responds “I’m sorry Stan I didn’t believe my own daughter, you have to believe me I didn’t mean for this.” Stanley looks at Phil “never mind that, JB is about to kill himself!”

Stanley and Phillip drive all over town most the afternoon going to all of JB’s favorite hang outs, with no sign of him. Phillip “might I suggest you go back to their apartment?” Stanley “I doubt he is there, but yah!” They pull up to the LaSelle Apartment Building on 9th street in Minneapolis. Dirk’s car is parked in front. Stanley parks his truck behind it, and the two of them run into the building, pushing the doorman aside and running to the elevators. The doorman runs after them, as the door is closing “You can’t go up unless we confirm it.” Phillip shouts back “Call the cops!” They two of them arrive on the fifth floor, the door opens, and they run down the hall. The apartment door is slightly open, JB is on the couch with a bong taking in a huge drag. Stanley angry at the sight “What the Fuck do you think you are doing Joseph Bradley!” JB starts laughing and choking while exhaling the smoke “You’re angry at me for smoking a little pot when i just beat the shit out of my brother in law!” JB gets up and walks towards the two of them. “I don’t care why you are here, but unless you have wings and can fly, I suggest you leave!”

Stanley’s rough grained chapped hand lands on JB’s throat “I never hit you son, not in anger. But right now, you’re coming with us, or I’ll beat the shit out of you!” JB Looks at his dad with absolution “Do It!” Stanley felt the pain of his words slam into his chest like an invisible sledge hammer. “Don’t do this son!” JB pushes Stan away “Do what?” Phillip blurts out “Kill yourself!” JB lets one fly, connecting with Phillip square in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. “I can never kill myself, it goes against every moral grain of fiber in my being! But I can destroy myself! Now get the fuck out of here!” Phillip is rubbing his jaw. JB “I hold you and your family responsible for all of this!”

The cops walk into the room, see Phillip on the ground, Stanley standing inches from JB who’s still yelling at Phillip. “What’s going on here? We got a complaint of trespassers and disturbance!” JB Looks at the cops “You can remove these two from my apartment!” Cops look at Stanley “Come on, let’s go.” Second cop “Is that a bong on the table?” JB says “You can arrest me, arraign me, but nothing will happen, there’s not even a sixteenth of an ounce. It’s not convictable!” Second cop helps Philip to his feet “come on, you need to leave.”

Stanley pleads “Son, don’t do anything stupid, we are here if you need us!” JB follows them to the door and slams it behind them. Walks back to the couch, pulls out a baggie from under the cushion and packs another bowl. He smokes until he is unconscious.

The next day, there is a knock on the door. JB get’s up and answers the door, sees Rose and five Sherburne county and three ramsay county and one hennepin county sheriff are standing in the hall. “What the hell is this Ma? I told dad last night he has nothing to worry about!” Rose calmly “Son, you need to come with us.” JB snaps “What for?” A Ramsay County Sheriff “We have a warrant for your arrest son.” JB replies “Yah, let me see this warrant!” Rose motions for the paperwork, shows it to JB. “JB please just go quietly. Don’t make things worse!” JB grudginly “You need ten people to bring me in?” The Ramsay Count Sheriff responds “We saw the reports and saw the pictures, we couldn’t take the chance, and since this involves all three counties, this is a joint effort.” JB Opens the door and lets them into the apartment “I’m getting dressed before we go!” Hennepin County Sheriff “Sorry son, can’t let you do that, just tell us where to find the clothes, we will grab you a few things.” The Sherburne County Sheriff’s “you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held..” JB retorts “Shut up, Ma call the lawyer! Please stay at my place to make sure the Landlord doesn’t lock me out of my stuff!” Rose agrees, as she watches JB being escorted out of the apartment.