Covid-19 The Sedentary Path to our Destruction

Since March 2020 when the media companies around the world sensationalized a deadly plague. The public; world wide, has been in a constant state of fear and panic. People made to believe via crafty writing and delivery of biased news, “that sitting at home and waiting it out,” is the answer to ending this plague.

Now nearly a year later, majority of people are at home, collecting unemployment checks, stimulus checks, and grant money to continue “existing” while placated in front of a tv or a computer, or nose deep in their iPhone or pad. Gaining weight, and losing some of their skill sets from being lazy. And soakiong up the negativity of social media rhetorics and peanut gallery riots.

No changes in the infection %, there are still people dying in droves, and still the world comes to a near political, financial, and social cliffside.

Now the Government is using all the money that has been legally “stolen” from us, from years of taxation laws, (that didnt exist before the early 1900’s) is being paid back to the people to try and start up businesses, and jump start the economy. Calling it Paycheck protection, or stimulus grant and/or loan money, seeding funds.

Now we are stuck in a quagmire. As long as the government continues to hand out those checks, people will refuse to go back to work. And if people are not working, then the economy will not start up again. The government literally threw a monkey wrench into the cogs and gears of this giant machine we call economy and fucked everyone royally.

So we the people can not rely on a system that kept peeling the scab off until we were bleed dry. We need to cauterize. Remove, and mend.
-Stop taking money from the government. IT ISN’T FREE.. eventually we will end up having to pay tht all back by higher taxes and other regulations that will make or break the middle class.
-Start working again, get back to making money, and doing the things you enjoyed before this all started. JUST BE SMART ABOUT IT.

the more you rely on the iceberg, the more everyone clambers on top of it, eventually it either crumbles, flips, or just sinks from the weight. All of you who are holding your hands out for that free money, is causing this iceberg to flip, crumble and sink at the same time, and you don’t even know it, because you are to short sighted, and you just want the quick fix.

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